What Is Your Running Technique?

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January is here again and you may getting back into shape after a well-earned Christmas break. Whether training for the upcoming marathon season, or just shaving off the pounds gained during the festive season, many of us are dusting off our running shoes.

Running seems like a straightforward way to get fit, but can cause problems if you’re not doing it right. Poor technique can place unwanted stress upon your body, increasing your chances of a serious injury.

Even experienced  runners can pick up bad habits. Our running technique is stored in our muscle memory, meaning that we can develop these habits without thinking too much about it. In order to change your style for the better, you need to make a conscious effort until it becomes second nature.

It is worth making the effort though, a good running technique will see a noticeable change in your speed and endurance. This infographic outlines a good technique, and the bad habits you need to avoid.

Running technique infographicClick here to find out more about pronation.

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